Do I Work on Pregnant Women?

Yes, I do. I have worked on pregnant women since the late nineteen-nineties when I was in massage therapy school back in Central Florida. The day we learned side-lying, the most common position in which a pregnant woman receives massage after about four months gestation, I partnered with my class-mate who actually was pregnant.  It was easy and not intimidating. Because I started off with a pregnant recipient from the beginning, I work with competence and confidence on these sweet ladies, these lovely vessels who are gestating their tender young babes.

Nowadays, in Tallahassee, I soothe tired mamas with my loving touch. They say the baby senses what the mother is sensing. Imagine the bliss the baby feels when mama is so at peace!  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I got massage as close to once a week as I could.  I walked every day, too.  My pregnancy was beautiful and comfortable.  I want this for you, too.

I understand the changes in circulation during pregnancy, I know where to massage and where not to, and generally when I massage people, I really aim to create the most peaceful and loving vibration I can for whoever is on my table.

Let me nurture you, pregnant mama. You’ll be in good hands.