Praise for the Work of Bridget Noel Jones, LMT

“My quest for a life with less stress led me to massage therapy and Bridget Jones, L.M.T.  Bridget is warm and welcoming, always professional, and very skilled in her chosen field.  Our bi-weekly sessions, which I always look forward to, provide me with an island of calm in which to clear my mind and rejuvenate my body.  Bridget’s talents have been a positive force in my life, and my life is richer for it.” –Anna Marie

“I’ve known Bridget her entire life, by virtue of the fact that I’m her older sister.  I can honestly say that I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to using their massage and energy work skills to help people.  She gets a real joy from her ability to help.  You might think that you can’t benefit from her experience if you’re not local to Tallahassee, but think again!  I live a thousand miles away and have received long-distance Reiki from Bridget on multiple occasions.  She’s excellent at tuning in to exactly the energy I need at any given time.  If you’ve ever had Reiki before, you know that the release of blocks and emotions can be quite [strong/difficult for some people] but Bridget is aces at making sure that whatever manifests does so gently and in a way that’s easy to handle.  I highly recommend her if you’re dealing with energy blockages of any kind, including chronic aches and pains caused by suppressed emotions.  Take it from someone who’s known her forever…she’s fantastic!” –Meg

“Guru Beant’s [Bridget’s]… massages are soooooooo good! I have had massages by many different practitioners in Tallahassee, and she is by far my favorite. Why? She is clear, communicative, creative, and listening. She imparts confidence and compassion through her therapeutic touch with a sure hand, and experienced agility. She has never failed to fulfill my need for loving therapeutic touch and effective [massage] therapy. She is dynamic in her expertise and can even combine multiple types of therapy into one session. She comes highly recommended and we are lucky to have her! Be a regular.” –Sincerely, Alina Gardner, Licensed Midwife

“Guru Beant [Bridget] consistently delivers excellent massages that are simultaneously invigorating and relaxing. She is strong, confident, and thorough…leaving me nothing to worry about, thereby freeing me to focus on my breathing and releasing. Guru seems to have a clear intuition as to whether I am in the mood to talk or remain silent. I feel like she is fully present and tuned-in to meeting whatever my needs are for each session. She also listens attentively and responds accurately to both my verbal and nonverbal communications. There is a distinct feeling that Guru Beant doesn’t let my body “get away with” a mediocre response to the massage experience. After I experimented with getting massages by numerous therapists, who gave me wonderful massages, I’ve concluded that Guru Beant is my primary provider.  Simply stated…she brings spirit, physical strength, intuition and knowledge to the table with total confidence.”  –Heather

“I have been receiving massages from Bridget for a few years and have no intention of stopping. As a practitioner of the healing arts, former massage therapist and long-time massage aficionado, I feel qualified to say Bridget [Jones] offers consistently fantastic massages. She listens to her clients, thinks about how to best use her time to their benefit, has the skills to effect the change we want, and supports us in many ways with our healing goals. I would whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend Bridget to anyone wanting bodywork.”  –Rachel Kelley, AP, DOM


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