“I’m Too Fat to Get a Massage”

I have heard, over my 18 ½ years as a massage therapist, of a few cases where somebody said they thought they were too fat to get a massage. They would be too embarrassed or too shy about their form, perhaps even thinking a therapist wouldn’t want to touch them.

Well, I want to tell you something about massage therapists, or at least about me, because I can only truly speak for myself: I see the human body as a miracle, a living wonder. When you are on my table, it is my intention to be the embodiment of compassion. You are an amazing being, a precious and unique soul who has come to me for healing and soothing. I do not come to my table with judgment, but with love in my heart.


Massage by a professional massage therapist is referred to sometimes as “safe touch”. It can be very healing to people who have experienced unsafe or hurtful touch like abuse by another human. “Safe touch” is also healing to people with body image issues like those suffering from eating disorders. Allowing yourself to receive a massage is a huge gift to yourself and your self-worth.

So, please be kind to yourself. It might take you outside of your comfort zone at first to try something new, but it is absolutely worth it. Make a resolution to be more loving to yourself, to befriend and fall in love with the wonder of who you are. Take baby steps, a massage here, meditation there, a soak in the hot tub, a pedicure, etc. Treat yourself. Nurture yourself and employ those who provide nurturing services to you as well.

I have worked on all shapes and sizes of people. I am fascinated by, and stand in great appreciation of, the variety of human forms.

No, you are not too fat to get a massage.